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Summer Slim Down Challenge

Joining a CHALLENGE is The FASTEST Way
To Get Your Body Ready for Swimsuit Season


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What is this challenge all about?

Join the 2013 Summer Slim Down Challenge and achieve a
Strong and Stunning Swimsuit Ready Body in just 6 Weeks!

Join ClubFYM << Here

Get Registered for the Challenge starting June 12th >> HERE


Challenge Details

To help answer some questions that come up at the start of each transformation event (and I have hosted at least 4 each year for the past 5 years!), I made a list of the most frequently asked questions to give you a full overview of what is involved before you decide if this is for you.

Before I do, I have to say…

There are literally HUNDREDS of amazing and helpful well rounded fitness programs available to you and they ALL work to some degree. The changes experience all rely upon your ability to Commit and follow through with Consistency.

This is why it is so important to be thoughtful about jumping into the "next best thing" without taking the time to consider if this truly is a good fit for you.

How To Choose

Consider ….
- how this plan fits into your lifestyle
- do you see yourself doing this long term (for you do want results to last -- right?)
- how do you feel about yourself when you implement this plan
- what type of support is offered

I personally invest a great deal of my time and energy into the preparation and implementation of these challenges. So the last thing I want to have happen, is someone join and feel less than satisfied.

Now that we have that out of the way…details!!!


Start Date
for the 2013 Summer Challenge is Monday, June 17th

This is a 6 Week Challenge.
We all start on Day ONE -- which is June 17th -- and end together on Day 42 which is July 28th


Get Registered starting on Wednesday June 12th.

You will...
- Log in to ClubFYM
- Follow the 2 Step Registration Process outlined in forums which will be posted on June 12th
- Post your Starting Stats, Goals and Before Photos in the forums

Once you log in to ClubFYM you will have access to New Member "Get Started" video tutorial. You will then find the step by step directions on how to register for the challenge in the forums under EVENTS "***REGISTER for Summer Slim Down Challenge"

to register is a firm 12:00 NOON EST on Monday, June 17th.

This is when the doors will close.
It takes a good 45 minutes to go through the registration steps, so do not put registering off until Monday morning.

Get it taken care of now.

Monday, June 17th at NOON est is also when the 1st Bonus Challenge email will be sent out with an invitation to the 1st Video Coaching Session.


"So I have to be a member of ClubFYM to take part in the Transformation Challenge?"

The forums of ClubFYM are where I interact with Challenge Participants on a daily basis, provide bonus coaching and support.

Please note, those who decide to get one of many Fit Yummy Mummy programs and then join ClubFYM have the opportunity to join and receive a 30 day trial upon purchase. From that point, basic membership is a mere $19.95 a month recurring. Your ClubFYM membership also includes 2 new follow along workout videos each month.


"What is this challenge all about?"

I design Challenges to give you the extra special support, motivation and the accountability you need to get results with…

- Start and Stop Date -- Deadlines are Super helpful to stay Focused and Driven
- Bonuses -- Online Menu Planner, Prograde Coupons, mini contests
- Daily/Weekly Transformation email/video Tips
- Coaching Calls
- ACCOUNTABILITY - ClubFYM has a One of a Kind Accountability Buddy System

PLUS Receive Inside Fat Loss Strategies of the Fit Yummy Mummy
I will be joining this challenge too, documenting my journey day by day in the forums right along with you. You will have access to see what and how I eat, my workout plan along with how I manage my busy lifestyle while reaching my strength and body sculpting goals.

"What workout do I follow?"

To participate in the FYM Transformation Challenge you must be following the Fit Yummy Mummy fat loss and lifestyle strategies. This includes any of the FYM products or resources -- from the original fat loss ebook -- the Transformation Kit -- or simply following the workouts that you receive each month as a member of

If you are involved in another workout plan at this time -- then this challenge is not for you (unless you are looking for a change).


"What Kind of Results Can I Get in 6 Weeks?

While results will vary, the majority of women who make the commitment from Day One and follow through with Consistency to Day 42, making every effort to take action on the steps I outline to follow during the challenge can lose 1-5 inches off Mommy Belly, 1-3 inches off Hips with weight loss being anywhere from 5 to 18 pounds.

Check out some of the results ...


These are highlights from the 2011 Summer Slim Down Challenge

~ Karen McKeown, Age 34, Mom of Two (ages 4.5 and 3) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Lost 5 pounds and close to 6 total inches!

~ Erin Tavernier, Age 30, Mom of three (ages 5 1/2, 3 and 11 months) Palms California
Lost 5 pounds and 5 inches off Mommy Belly

~ Iris Hecock, Mom of 4 (ages 6, 3 and 18 months) Saint Petersburg, Russia
Lost 18 pounds and 4 inches off Mommy Belly

And....The Grand Prize Winner of the 2011 Summer Slim Down Challenge

~ Steph Arbuthnot, Age 28, Mom of 2 (ages 5 and 3) Sumner, Nebraska.

Lost over 17 lbs 2.5 inches off mommy belly & 3 inches off hips
And Gained Bikini Confidence!


Here are highlights from the Summer Slim Down 2012

Denise lost 13 pounds, 4 inches off mommy belly and 2.5 inches off her hips.
She followed Phase 2 and 3 of the Trouble Spot Solution Workouts


Lindsay lost over 8 pounds, 3 inches off her mommy belly and 2 inches off her hips.
She followed the Busy Mom Workouts of the Month which change up every 4 weeks at


Emma lost 7.5 pounds, 3 inches off her mommy belly and 1.5 inches off her hips.
She followed the Trouble Spot Solution Workouts

And....The Grand Prize Winner of the 2011 Summer Slim Down Challenge

Bonnie lost 10 pounds, 5 inches off her mommy belly and 2 inches off her hips.
She followed the Workouts outlined in



6 week summer slim down challenge 13



Doors to Register for the 2013 Summer Slim Down Challenge
Open Wednesday, June 12th

Everyone who Registers and Participates will Receive

~ Fat Burning, Body Shaping Workout Videos
When you log in to ClubFYM you will have access to 2 New fat burning, Fit Yummy Mummy Workout Videos each month Complete with online How To videos, full Follow Along Workout videos and a downloadable workout log. Never hit a plateau with your workout plan again -- be challenged each and every week of the month -- burn more fat -- get stronger -- see results even faster!

These are your workouts of the Month - posted on the 1st of each month.

~ Accelerator Diet Packet
A downloadable packet that outlines exactly what to do - especially how to eat - to FAST TRack it for Fat Loss.
- Transformation Challenge Overview & Primer Plan
- How To Maximize Your Workouts
- 21 Day Accelerator Diet
- Accelerator Diet Recipes w/Smoothies
- Power of 10 & Green Smoothies

~ Access to the Online Menu Planner
Create unlimited, nutritionally balanced meals using your favorite foods. This same exact program sells online for $119.40 per year…challenge participants get it FREE!

~ Coupons on Prograde Favorites

~ Exclusive Transformation Emails and Challenge Forum
Receive 3 weekly challenge emails with fat loss tips, motivation and assignments to help you turn up the heat on your results and give you the chance t partake in POP mini contests for extra prizes!

~ Summer Challenge Video Resources
to help you maximize your results each step of the way!

~ Super Charged Support System
As a member of ClubFYM you not only have access to one of the most caring and supportive groups of women online, you also have access to the Accountability Buddy System. So you not only have me as your coach and have surrounded yourself with some of the most success driven, inspiring women ever…you also get to work closely with a select few women who will be there to help hold you accountable and motivate you to achieve your very best!

~BONUS -- Lose Fat & Sculpt Your Body WITH Me!
I am also participating in the Summer Slim Down Challenge so you have open access to my progress journal as I document each step of my summer fat loss transformation!

~ Coaching Calls with Me
To help assist you in the transformation, I will be holding LIVE group coaching calls as well as Mini Coaching Calls to help answer any and all of your summer fat loss questions and keep you on track throughout the challenge.

~ Win Prizes Throughout The Challenge
To ensure each and every member starts off strong, I'll be holding POP Mini Contests! Not only will members access additional videos, calls and fat loss tools -- POP mini contests will award prizes for to keep the fun alive and the results HOT!



Doors to Register for the 2013 Summer Slim Down Challenge
Open Wednesday, June 12th

Register Here



I just have to say -- that after hosting over a dozen challenges over the past 5+ years -- not ONE has been focused on what the "BIG Package Prize" is about. Nope. In fact I have actually started quite a few challenges with NO Mention of the prizes and attendance has been at an all time high.

I point this out because -prizes are nice -- however, the women I work with are more excited and motivated by the RESULTS they KNOW they will achieve by challenge's end (heck just see some of the results photos below!)

But -- Prizes are cool -- so this is what will be offered to the Grand Prize Winner.


$100 CASH
3 months Fit Club DVD of the month membership
Prograde Gift
Fit Yummy Mummy Gift ~ Custom Bracelets created by our very own FYM Maria Simpson!

2nd Place

2 months Fit Club
Prograde Gift
Fit Yummy Mummy Gift ~ Bracelet

3rd Place

1 month Fit Club
Prograde Gift
Fit Yummy Mummy Gift ~ Bracelet

And more!

In addition to a Brand New Swimsuit Ready YOU!


Doors to Register for the 2013 Summer Slim Down Challenge
Open Wednesday, June 12th

Don't Let Summer Slip You By



This is your CALL to Action!!!