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Summer Slim Down Challenge Winners


Congratulations to these Amazing & Incredibly Inspiring Fit Yummy Mummy's!

On June 18th over 271 women joined the Transformation Challenge hosted here at ClubFYM, making a commitment to do what it takes to achieve, fit and healthy body shaping goals by participating in this short 6 week challenge experience.

The challenge ended with just 56 inspirational results - yes, only 56 finished this challenge out of 271! It was a difficult decision, but after reading through the 56 final submission, a handful of finalists were chosen. Voting took place all this week bringing in over 700 votes and made for a close race for the finalists at the end of this event.

Please take the time to congratulate these amazing women and see the results - both inside and out - that each were able to achieve over 6 Focused, Fat Burning Weeks!

Be on the lookout for the newest Featured Fit Yummy Mummy of the week...for the women who finished strong will be highlighted for their results as well!


Prizes for the top 3 challenge winners include the Fit Club DVD of the Month Program, A Prograde Gift and The Fit Yummy Mummy Custom Made Jewelry Piece of her choice. The 1st Place Grand Prize Winner also receives a $100 cash prize to celebrate her new body shaping results.


Created by fellow FYM Maria Simpson - Click Photo for more info!

On to the Top 3 Winners!

3rd Place:

Wins a 1 Month Membership to Fit Club DVD of the Month Program,
a Prograde Gift and The Fit Yummy Mummy
Custom Made Jewelery Piece of her Choice

Denise S.

~ Denise S. Age 36, Mom of Two (ages 9 and ) and was a gestational carrier in 2011,
Berwick, ME

"I tried this challenge last summer and bailed out, but have been doing some of my "old" FYM workouts sine January RELIGIOUSLY and have lost 16lbs and over 16 inches....I know I can do this!"

Denise lost 13 pounds, 4 inches off mommy belly and 2.5 inches off her hips.
She followed Phase 2 and 3 of the Trouble Spot Solution Workouts


My biggest summer body breakthrough was....

the focused attention on my nutrition, potion sizes and intake of protein!!

My goals included really following portion sizes and for me, keeping a food journal that included calories and protein was immensely helpful!! I TOTALLY think that was the key (and maybe the start of the Prograde Metabolism kicked me in the buns, too). But I really wanted to slim my tummy and back fat -- gross! And I did these things!!!!

I am absolutely amazed and astounded with my results and actually re measured and re-added/subtracted a couple times because it seems unbelievable!!! And I truly believe it is because of my nutrition (being true to portion sizes, minding my caloric intake in regards to overeating even healthy foods and focusing on getting a lot of protein)! I have been laser focused on my workouts: not missing ONE SINGLE ST or Interval and completing all finishers! I feel great about this and about myself!!! I am becoming the best me, the best mom, the best wife, I can be and it is because I chose to make this healthy switch for a better life!!!!

2nd Place:

Wins a 3 Month Membership to Fit Club DVD of the Month Program, a
Prograde Gift and The Fit Yummy Mummy
Custom Made Jewelery Piece of her Choice

Emma H.

This is the 2nd Challenge Emma has took part in and came in as a big winner - her 1st experience was taking 1st place during the 12 Week New Year's Challenge.Her persistence and patience is TRULY paying off!

~ Emma H. Age 33, Mom of Two (ages 2 and 7 months) Sydney Australia

"You don't gain anything by wishing or by giving up when it gets uncomfortable; you push through and get the results. I used to stop (or put in a half-hearted, going through the motions effort) in the beginning when it got - what I thought painful - but it was really my body screaming because it was getting pushed out of its comfort zone!"

Emma lost 7.5 pounds, 3 inches off her mommy belly and 1.5 inches off her hips.
She followed the Trouble Spot Solution Workouts


My biggest summer body breakthrough was....

getting honest about my eating habits.

After my coaching call with Holly I gained new insight into food and how keeping a food diary can help make a huge difference. It is amazing how much of an impact food makes in trying to achieve results.

I also read a very interesting article about celebrity trainer Gunner Peterson he basically said that to get results you need to avoid being a closet eater and if you were to put all the food that you eat in secret out in front of other people and eat it in front of them you would not do it. I found that to be a very good way of looking at things since my whole eating addiction started out in secret.

Learning the importance and the true value of food (for nutrition not for comfort) has been the biggest difference maker throughout this challenge.

Grand Prize:

This Fit Yummy Mummy Wins a 6 Month Membership
to Fit Club DVD of the Month Program, a Prograde Gift,
The Fit Yummy Mummy Custom Made Jewelery Piece of her Choice
AND $250 Cash to Celebrate her Brand New Body!

This prize Goes To ...

Bonnie S.

~ Bonnie S. Mom of Three (ages 8, 5 and 3) IL

"I have been in tears reflecting on the beginning of my journey. I put it in a reply somewhere earlier in the week, but in case you didn't see it, I'm so glad I found FYM one depressed night of googling six weeks ago!"

Bonnie lost 10 pounds, 5 inches off her mommy belly and 2 inches off her hips.
She followed the Workouts outlined in


My Biggest Summer Body Breakthrough was....

A change in my attitude and outlook about working out.
I was CONVINCED the only way my stomach would ever see the light of day again was if I had a tummy tuck...I used to spend HOURS doing cardio, getting nowhere and away from my family. So I set my goals to flatten my stomach.

Physically my body looks quite different for six weeks. But more importantly, my outlook on life has transformed, and that's what's going to allow me to KEEP transforming. I had so much of my self esteem tied up into my very heavy stomach, and now that it's gone (going), I feel like I can do anything - like wear a 2 piece again after nine years of being a mother. Nine years I'd put myself on the back burner, not even realizing that I could be a BETTER mother to my children if I had patience and energy, both of which I gained from this challenge. Now I know I CAN get my body back (even better as Holly says). And I'm GONNA! Just watch me!

One of the biggest difference makers for the women who completed this 42 Day Summer Transformation Challenge is that they have embraced the whole - "losing fat and getting results" approach is a journey NOT a Destination.

And yes, along the way there absolutely will be snags and stumbles BUT what matters most, is that they learn from each, get RIGHT back up and Keep Moving Forward.

You've heard the phrase - Progress Not Perfection?

So stop waiting for the perfect time to begin.
Stop beating yourself up for not eating perfectly every day.
Stop getting in your own way.

Turn Your Frustration into MOTIVATION and with each step forward, know you are making it happen.

Whether it takes a week, a month, a year. Your life is TOO valuable to put off doing nothing.

Looking forward to the Next Challenge?

Mark your calendar...

September 3rd
Get a jump start on your Fall Fitness goals with the 10 Week Transformation Challenge - the focus..."Steppin' Out Of Your Comfort Zone" - if you need the PUSH to make amazing, body shaping results happen - you do not want to miss this event!

Registration Opens: Wednesday, August, 29th
Day One is Monday, September 3rd - and yes this is Labor Day, so this will be considered a BONUS day while the main challenge will commence on Tuesday the 4th.

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