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Fall Transformation Challenge Winners

Congratulations to these Amazing & Incredibly Inspiring Fit Yummy Mummy's!

Fall Challenge Theme: Take The Leap...Build Your Wings

The theme of the latest Fit Yummy Mummy 10 week transformation challenge centered around stepping and even leaping out of your comfort zone for this is where true and lasting change takes place.

The ability to step and even take a LEAP is what allows you to develop the confidence & Strength to MOVE forward - despite the discomfort - to create amazing changes.

Over 260 women took part in a series of thoughtfully plotted weekly assignments, prompting them to take a RISK and experience the Results of testing your self-imposed limits.

One of the BIGGEST tasks - NO SCALE. For 10 weeks, they learned how to identify and embrace an entirely NEW way of measuring results and achievements.

Please take a moment to congratulate these amazing women and see the results - both inside and out - that each were able to achieve over 10 challenging weeks!


Prizes for the top 3 challenge winners include the Fit Club DVD of the Month Program, A Prograde Gift, The Fit Yummy Mummy Custom Made Jewelry Piece of her choice and each member is locked in at the $9.95 Loyalty Membership. The 1st Place Grand Prize Winner also receives a $250 cash prize to celebrate her new body shaping results.

On to the Top 3 Winners!

3rd Place:

Wins a 2 Month Membership to Fit Club DVD of the Month Program,
a Prograde Gift and The Fit Yummy Mummy
Custom Made Jewelery Piece of her Choice

Kate D.


~ KATE Del Bel, Age 34, Mom of Two Daughters, ages 4 and 6 months, Vancouver, BC Canada

"I set a goal to fit comfortably (no muffin top!) into my pre-pregnancy jeans (size 8 and I'm currently a 10-12). I hope this is a reasonable goal.  I was so nervous about this goal!  I thought there was no way that I was going to get down almost two whole sizes in 10 weeks!  I am currently wearing my size 8 jeans.  I can't believe it!"

Kate Lost 18 lbs and dropped from a Size 12 to a Size 8
Weight from 174 lb to 156 lb , Waist from 34" to 30.5" = 3.5" lost
Hips from 42.5" to 39" = 3.5" lost

She followed the Workouts outlined in

My Biggest Leap:

Not only was this my first transformation challenge with FYM, but it was also my first attempt at living the FYM lifestyle.  I joined Club FYM 2 days before the challenge began.  I had delivered my second daughter six months earlier and while I was exercising here and there, I wasn't really putting in much effort.  I was sort of under the guise that I was breastfeeding and unable to diet because I didn't want to mess up my milk supply.  So, I was using the breastfeeding as an excuse and mostly eating whatever I wanted. I had finally had enough and was starting to get pretty down on myself for the way I was looking and feeling. 

After a bit of internet research, I stumbled on the FYM page and in late August I purchase the ebook.  I was excited to try out the FYM lifestyle but apprehensive and somewhat skeptical of the results I would achieve.  The before and after pictures on the website were sort of too good to be true!  Around this time, I also joined club FYM.  I saw that there was going to be a challenge and I thought I would join to sort of lurk and see what it was all about.  After all, the first month was free with my purchase!  I was tired of being soft and carrying around extra weight, I wanted to be strong and trim! 

The theme for this challenge was perfect for me.  The entire challenge was out of my comfort zone, I don't take pictures of myself and put them out for people to see!  I don't join online groups and I definitely don't discuss my inner feelings and fears!   I had goals like everyone else (I honestly figured that some of them would be unattainable in the short time that we had) but I was determined to reach them.  It was so helpful to do this with a group, slowly my fears of sharing my feelings and discomfort with my weight and appearance started to fade away.  Knowing I was not alone in my quest definitely helped me to continue with this challenge. 

I was determined to do well in this challenge, for myself.  To get rid of all of the extra weight, that I was carrying around, having it "weigh" me down both mentally an physically.  My discomfort was increased when the assignments began and we had to think positively about ourselves.  I've always been so hard on myself and to have to list my best features to other people was so far out of my comfort zone!  But I learned that even I deserve love.  I've worked hard throughout this challenge and I've learned that I deserve to take time for myself each day to work out and do something for myself.   I took a huge leap by joining FYM and then transformation challenge.  I found my wings and soared, becoming stronger inside and out and learning to love myself for all of my gifts and faults!

2nd Place:

Wins a 2 Month Membership to Fit Club DVD of the Month Program, a
Prograde Gift and The Fit Yummy Mummy
Custom Made Jewelery Piece of her Choice

Faye W.

~ Faye Whyte, Age 46, Mom of Two Daughters - ages 15 and 8, Inverary, Ontario, Canada.

"Finishing this challenge was my 'secret' goal when we began 10 weeks ago. I am so proud and excited to have reached the goal line!"

Faye lost 12lbs, 3.75 inches off Mommy Belly and 4.5 inches off Hips.
Weight: 192-180
Mommy Belly: 39" - 35.75"
Hips: 46.5" - 42"

She used the Workouts of the Month posted here in

My Biggest Leap:

My starting goals were all related to the theme of 'Leap of Faith'.
My first goal, unexpectedly, became the most important and biggest leap during the Challenge. I took the leap of faith that if I put self-care high on my list of things to do, I would be able to be a better mother and wife. I kept up with my workouts, using the WOM videos. I used the online menu planner, and took Prograde supplements.

Just two weeks into the challenge, we were informed that my eight year old daughter would require kidney surgery...My first instinct was to quit the challenge. How would I be able to keep up with good diet and exercise while she was in the hospital? How would I find time to do my final essay and photos? How could I concentrate my efforts on myself, when all I wanted to do was worry about her?

I came to the ClubFYM forums and saw other women struggling and participating in the challenge. They were looking after their children, dealing with personal health, financial and family issues. Some of them were doing this facing the most incredible odds. I was inspired by this community to stick to my commitment. I kept on with the challenge, having faith that I could do my best to eat clean and keep up physical activity before, during and after her hospital stay, and that taking care of myself would allow me to take better care of her.

Keeping up with the exercise and clean eating was the best thing I could have done for her. It allowed me to have the stamina to stay up with her through the worst of the recovery, right by her side whenever she needed me. I was able to be calm and strong for her, and that was such a powerful gift. She is recovering very well, and I'm so pleased I could be there for her. My first leap of faith was granted.

I think one of the best ways for me to continue the FYM lifestyle and to continue toward my ultimate fitness goals is to have these little step-wise, but concrete goals.

Grand Prize:

This Fit Yummy Mummy Wins a 3 Month Membership
to Fit Club DVD of the Month Program, a Prograde Gift,
The Fit Yummy Mummy Custom Made Jewelery Piece of her Choice
AND $250 Cash to Celebrate her Brand New Body!

This prize Goes To ...

Skye W..

~ Skye Winters, Age 33, Mom of Three (ages 6 yrs, 3 yrs and 2 months), British Columbia in Canada

"I am back to my pre-baby body and I am still changing! I feel like a completely different person.  I am so proud of myself where I once was always beating myself down for not doing 'good enough'.  Now, even if I do have a struggle with something I accept and treat myself as I'd want a good friend to treat me- with care and love. What I am Most proud of:I got my Sparkle back!  This simply means that I have been gaining my confidence, my self-esteem, my Love for My Self back.  Life just isn't very positive without these aspects."

Skye Lost 20 lbs and dropped from a Size 9/10 to a Size 4
Weight from 150 lb to 130 lb , Mommy Belly from 33" to 28" = 10" lost
Hips from 38" to 35" = 3" lost

She followed the Workouts outlined in
along with the Workouts of the Month posted here in

My Biggest Leap:

Other than up heaving my entire way of living...?

When I started the challenge and my results started to show both physically and emotionally I started to sense a discomfort between a small group of women that had spent a great deal of time with.  Then the comments started rolling in, clear put downs to the fym way of life, whispers of anorexia (even after explaining 5-6 meals a day!) arguments, etc. 

Of course I tried talking to them a few more times about how I did want to change myself- I wanted to be the healthiest version of me and that working out with my daughter and feeding my family Clean was the best feeling ever.  I even asked them if they'd like to join me...but in the end I had to give them up.  That was scary considering they were my closest, most comfortable friends I have had in some time. And I love them and miss them, but I love THIS new way of life and how it treats me no matter if I'm up or down.  It is true Misery loves company and I no longer want to mope around in my sack clothes waiting for a change to happen.  I have worked hard for this and have started to surround myself with supportive friends I hadn't previously felt so comfortable around. This was a very uncomfortable change (the transition from my familiar life and friends to something completely different) but surprisingly I am very comfortable now in all this positive I have built within me that is manifesting positive things around me!

Looking forward to the Next Challenge?

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Registration Opens: Wednesday, November 28th.
Day One is Monday, December 3rd. Challenge is hosted here at ClubFYM.

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