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Make your Resolutions SIZZLE

"May all your troubles last as long as
your New Year's resolutions!"

It's no big news that the things we resolve to be, do and have at the start of a New Year fizzle out within the first two weeks.

We all have the BEST of intentions to "start new". All motivated and ready to finally make THIS the YEAR that it happens.

I'd like to share a few personal tips to prevent this from happening to you - so you in two weeks when I ask how your progress is coming along, you actually have a positive reply.

Add some SIZZLE to your Resolutions so they STICK....Do THIS:

3 Keys to Effective New Year's Resolutions

1 - Write It Down

It's funny how many avoid and fight this extremely SIMPLE strategy to making your promises to yourself STICK.

Not only do I tell you to list out what it is you wish to change (to be, do, have) even more important are the REASONS WHY.

A big resolution FIZZLER is the lack of motivation.

But guess what is completely normal - the ups and downs of motivation.

Zig Ziglar has the best quote in regards to this:

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we
recommend it daily."

Don't fool yourself into thinking that motivation is something that just "happens to you" and "just is".

You have to motivate yourself DAILY.

Make it EASY by having the FUEL that drives and fires up your motivation right in front of you....All the REASONS why you want to reach your goals.

And if you need better be sure to surround yourself with those who care about and want to see you succeed.

2 - DO Something RIGHT Now

The only way you can get results is to take action. Another resolution FIZZLER is to freeze up and act as if you have no idea what to do to get started.

News Flash - yes you do know what to do.

For example, if you are tired of feeling like crap, bloated belly, flabby body - then get up off your bottom - move your body in a way that makes you Stronger and Energizes you.

And most of all...
Stop filling your body with crap!

The biggest results come from taking small steps each and every day. And while getting started truly is the hardest part - what many do not realize is that TO START begins with just one small step forward.

Getting results is a Process.

Not a quick fix, crash diet, punishing workout.

What can you choose to do right now?

Could be Sizzler #1 writing out your reasons why, taking a before photo, doing your first workout, choosing to eat a metabolism boosting afternoon snack, cleaning out the pantry so you are no longer tempted by the fat storing snack, standing up in front of your computer as you read this to do 10 Y squats or
to just stretch....

Just do SOMETHING that is in line with moving you closer to the goals you wish to achieve.

My biggest wish for you right now today is that you stop hiding behind excuses, get real and get honest about what it takesto move closer to the results you desire.

3 - If You Focus on Results, You Will Never Change.
If You Focus on Change, You Will Get Results.

Scratching you head on this one? Good - then it will stick with you.

Nothing will change until YOU do.

If you want different results - you must be willing to DO Something Different!

You can spend a GREAT deal of time and energy - wishing, hoping, praying, sulking, etc. none of which will get you any closer to results.

Watch your self talk too...

Trying to convince yourself that you "do eat healthy" without taking the time to review and get honest with yourself is the fastest way to FIZZLE out.

Same goes for your workouts. If you have been spending 3 to 4 hours a week working out - and are not getting any stronger, nor feeling any better about yourself....its time to do something different.

Take these 3 SIZZLERS to heart and guarantee that THIS Year you truly WILL achieve your goals!

"On this new year, be someone you yourself can admire."
- Pearl Aman

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