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From MOM body to WOW body ~ Dani's Success

Danis Post baby transformation

Fit Yummy Mummy Dani Stevens is NO stranger to the Fat Loss results that can be achieved. Not only has she been a Fit Yummy Mummy since the start of this program back in 2008.....but her first Success Story shares how she made her dream come true!

After having her 2nd baby, she was able to shed the baby fat, get lean and toned for a Photo Shoot.... "Busy Mom to Cover Model".

Today, Dani, a mom of 3, shares yet another success story. After having her 3rd baby, she was on a mission in 2010 to transform her body all over again.

With the support of ClubFYM and the step by step guidance of the Transformation you can see - she DID This and MORE as she was the grand prize winner of the Summer Transformation Challenge and even continued on to tone and tighten her post baby body during the Fall Transformation Challenge.

"This FYM Transformation journey has been amazing!

It was the only way it helped me stay motivated, committed and loyal to the FYM program. Well lifestyle really.

I am happy and proud that I completed 2 of the challenges ~the Summer challenge which I was the winner ....

Total of 6 Inches and 11 lbs lost!!!!

...and most recently the Fall challenge.

~ My Goals were to further reduce my body fat so tone and muscle definition start showing through, lifting and tightening up my bottom cheeks region being more lean and strong looking.

Body Transformed!

I feel so honored that I was chosen as the Summer challenge winner. I'd like to share the changes I have made and things that I have I learnt since officially joining FYM way back in January 2008.

Dani's Buff Body After Baby Success Strategies

- Eating supportive foods 90% of the time

- Preparing and Packing supportive meals/snacks when away from home

- I have also mastered a lot of my cooking due to FYM as I pride myself on presentation to appeal to our entire family. I have learnt to make home made dips, almond milk, GF bread, almond butter, yogurt etc... all from scratch!

- I exercise every other day (both strength training and interval training FYM workouts from the T Kit), my energy levels are higher and I have more strength.

- I make the Most of Movement...when I bend over or pick things up I do it in a lunge or squat style.

- Improved Posture and Strong Core.
Being so tall (5' 11") I have typically arched my back or leaned on one leg to appear or look shorter ....however now my body switches on my core muscles and I stand tall & straight!

- I try to eat as much raw, fresh produce and protein with all my meals

- I log in daily to a fabulous virtual support network Clubfym daily to get motivation, support and information to my new way of living (and have met amazing women along the way!)

- Improved Mindset
I have also learnt we are not all perfect but we are all here to support one another

So once again I thank you all for my results thus far and most of all Holly for the Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation program!

This new FYM lifestyle is sensational!!!

Everyone is reaping the rewards and of course I end up posting all of this with you and sharing my transformed body ~ so we're all here together on this FYM transformation journey and it's a WIN WIN for us all!!

Here is my Summer Transformation Challenge bikini picture ~ One of My Gifts for Winning !st Place.

Sorry for the wait but it's officially summer here in Australia so I'll be a very proud Mummy and wife when I wear these bikini's next time we go to the beach!

My 2010 Post Baby Body Results

January ~ 3 months post baby ~ to December
Weight 187 - - - 151 = Lost 36 lbs
Waist: 37.5 - - - - 32 = Lost 5.5 inches
Hips: 44.5 - - - 39 = Lost 5.5 inches
Muffin top: 41 - -- - 35 = Lost 6 inches

Enjoy my Zoolander "Blue Steel" pics!!! ;-)"

Much love & friendship,

Dani from Down Under xx
~ Age 36, Mom of Three (Noah 5, Oscar 2 1/2 and Mietta 12 months) Australia

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