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Featured FYM Update: Dani's Photo Shoot

Talk about "Get Your Body Back"....

cover model mom

this is the story of a one of our very own FYM's...a real mom who has achieved this and then some!

Dani Stevens, 35 year old mom of two, shared her updated results just one month ago - losing nearly 20 pounds and banishing her muffin top! "How To Banish Your Muffin Top"

What is most interesting are the thoughts she shared about her new body a just a couple months ago....

"The workouts are testament and I can only imagine how many calls I will be getting from agents to be the cover girl of the next Body Builders magazine :) ha ha (for those of you that know my humour! LOL) if only I can combine the entire Fit Yummy Mummy system I will be one smoking, hot, healthy, fit, yummy mummy."

Well that day has come for Dani - here is her most recent update:


I just finished a photo shoot!

Yes can you believe I actually became a model for a day (it's a portfolio for some catalogue work an agent has recommended me for). Fingers crossed!

If it wasn't for your Fit Yummy Mummy system this dream would never have been accomplished. Dreams can come true even at 35!"

~ Dani Stevens, age 35, Victoria Australia, Mom of two

dani pose 2

Dani pose 3

Dani also shares her advice on what it takes to get rid of your mommy belly and experience flat tummy results:

Best Way to Begin to Lose Your Mommy Belly

What an inspiration!

A real mom proving that you can not only get an even better version of your pre-baby body back but rekindle your dreams and with new found confidence - - - Do What It Takes to Achieve Them!

And dreams can come true!!!!

What are your dreams? What are you doing to reach them?

Thanks for being such an inspiring and motivating mom Dani!!!

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