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Flatten Your Post Pregnancy Belly

I looked like I was 6 months pregnant!

Even people I knew asked when the baby was due. I was eating chocolate, choc chip cookies, chocolate in milk and while I did eat 3 pretty good meals a day, lunch was often late and I was always hungry.

Something had to change - -- and it did!

Lynda side 16 wks

It's amazing how a poor body image can really take over your life. You don't know what to wear, when you do put clothes on they're often not comfortable and you feel self-conscious. You hate shopping for clothes, hate seeing women who ride through the whole bounce back thing with ease (celebrity or otherwise) and it really impacts on your enjoyment of food and life - well it did for me.

BUT NOW.... I'm doing something about it and it's working! I'm feeling good about myself. I'm taking care of my health, I'm providing the best milk I can to my baby and I'm strengthening my body.

Every month I've seen an improvement both on the scale and with the tape measure. I feel strong, I have energy and I have a wardrobe that fits me again!

Lynda Jeans

ClubFYM has become my friend, my confidant, my inspiration and my motivation. Without you lovely girls and Holly I honestly don't think I could have kept this up.

I saw a good friend this afternoon who I haven't seen since before xmas (our kids go to playgroup together and in Australia we're on summer holidays) and when I walked into the cafe to meet her she screamed!!

She couldn't believe how much I'd lost from my waist and hips, my bust, my everywhere. She said I looked like a new woman, fresh, alive, exuberant and like a have a new love of life. She knew I had started a program but hadn't expected real results. Now she's checking out Fit Yummy Mummy too. Support I love the support I'm getting from you girls here online. Whether it's a response to my blog posts or feeling motivated by yours - this is the reason the whole program works - daily motivation.

Logging on to ClubFYM and working out are now just things that I do, they are part of my daily routine and I feel lost without them. The Difference ~ I do intervals because they make me feel good, energized and in control.

~ I do Fit Yummy Mummy workouts because I can feel them reshaping my body with every single session.

~ I eat supportively and regularly as it agrees with me.

~ I don't get hungry (unless I forget to eat!!)

~ I don't have cravings and I REALLY enjoy my treats when I decide I'm going to have them.

~ I want health first, and a trim and toned body is the bonus.

~ I believe that just as food can be the culprit it can also be the savior. I feel like a well maintained machine.

Looking around my house there are so many examples of where I've chosen good quality products trying to improve results, like in the laundry where I use good washing powder, in-wash stain booster and fabric softener, rather than just cheap washing powder.

Now I can see I was putting inferior refined foods into my body and expecting results. Equally I thought giving myself even less of these foods would achieve weight loss, but none of this was true.

Supportive nutrition gives my body the fuel it needs for energy and growth, the nutrients and water it needs to function at top condition and in a state that allows excess weight I've accumulated over the years to be shed.

Lynda front 16 wks Results So here are the results so far:

Before...............................After......................Gone forever
weight ......69kg now.............59.5kg .............9.5kg (21 lbs)
waist .........85cm .................71.5 ................13.5cm (5.7")
hips...........100cm ................90cm.................10cm (4")

I've found supportive eating agrees with me, both eating regularly and eating whole foods without the enormous layer of sugary foods I used to pile on top of an otherwise good diet. I'm eating a LOT MORE than I expected, and that's what is going to make this sustainable, along with the planned indulgences. Chocolate, greasy food, take your pick, it all tastes better when you don't have the guilt trip to go with it!

I decided a long time ago that this wouldn't be a 16 week start to finish thing.

I still have numerous workouts in the book to master, and I've recently bought Holly's ab's dvd, as this is where ALL of my excess weight is residing.

It's funny - I thought if I had these stats I'd be happy, and I am, I'm proud of what I've achieved, it's just now I've raised the bar so much higher and I want it all!!!

I'm on the home stretch in the NY Transformation Challenge and can't wait to start the new monthly workouts that look sooo challenging. Bring on Nov 09 when I'll have been a Fit Yummy Mummy for a whole year, then I'll really have something to celebrate!!"

Lynda, Age 38 Mum to three aged 6, 4 and 1 Melbourne, Australia

Completely reshape YOUR Post Pregnancy Tummy AND your whole body!

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Yay, Lynda!!!, January 19, 2010
By blinnard - See all my comments    
How inspiring it is to read your story! Your results are phenomenal, and I am so lucky that I am a part of this amazing and effective community of women, all of whom have the same basic goal - to be healthy and fit, and all the rest of the bonuses are gravy! Congratulations! xoBarby
0 of 0 people found the following comment helpful:
Sensational, May 22, 2009
By Dani - See all my comments    
What a great effort babe, you look so good and what a difference. Half the size in arms, legs, tummy etc.. You must be so proud and hubby must be loving the new you x
1 of 1 people found the following comment helpful:
You look great!, March 17, 2009
By Pauline - See all my comments    
Wow Lynda, you look fantastic! And I can so relate to what you say about treating your body properly and putting quality food in there, and not the 'cheap washing powder'! And you are right about being able to eat your treats as planned indulgences and really enjoying them without guilt.
You look great, healthy, toned and certainly happy. Good luck on continuing FYM as a way of life.
1 of 1 people found the following comment helpful:
Woohooooo, March 15, 2009
By annik - See all my comments    
Lovely Lynda!
You are one amazing, inspiring girl! I am in awe of your stick-to-it-ability.

Keep it up, you are MELTING in front of us!

Love and lots of hugs, Annik.
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By Tea - See all my comments    
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