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Featured Fit Yummy Mummy: Kelli

I am totally pleased with my results and feel silly for doubting myself at all now! How could I fail?

FYM is failure proof as long as you are following the nutrition guidelines it really is ok if you miss a few workouts! I can never say enough about how FYM has changed my life and given me my confidence and self esteem back!

I don't dread going out anymore because I won't have anything that fits me…if anything I dread the decision I have to make because I have so many outfits that I want to wear! =) I still haven't gotten into my "ultimate skinny" jeans yet…but it is coming!

Before I found FYM I was debating on weather I should even keep those "skinny" clothes or not because I really didn't think I would ever fit into them again! But now, I know that I will fit into them again…and if I decide to get rid of them, it will be because they are to big…not too small!!

Even though the 12 week summer challenge is over…this is not it for me!

I don't know when my journey will be over…it may never be because I know there will always be some way I can improve my body even more, and that keeps me motivated. I want to see how far I can push myself…I want to see my true potential.

In the future I want to be able to share the gift of fitness with others as well…over this long journey (starting even before the 12 week challenge) I have discovered that I have a true passion for fitness and love learning everything I can about it.

Height: 5'9

Weight: Before:212...after 203 (-9) Waist: Before 36...after 33 1/2 (-3.5) Chest: Before 38.5...after 36 (-2.5) Arm: Before 14...after 13 (-1) Thigh: Before 27...after 26 (-1) Hips: Before 46...after 44 1/2 (-1.5)

12 Week Total: Removed 9lbs and 9.5 inches!

"I thank Holly and the FYM community for helping me realize there is so much more to fitness than just cardio and "diets." It's a lifestyle change, and its one I tell everyone about that I can! I truly can't wait until the next challenge starts so I can see where that one takes me as well!"

~ Kelli Age 23, Mom to 2 year old son Sean, Fort Knox, KY

~~~~ Kelli's Grand Total.... From Jan 18, 2008 is the official date - to Now November 2008

Well Over 25 pounds and 20 inches removed!!!!


It was such a treat to meet with you last week and give your brand new body a celebratory hug! I am blessed to have met you almost 1 year ago and have the pleasure of being a personal witness to your beautiful transformation!

Oh and Congrats on the drop in Body Fat! So Very exciting!

You have so much to celebrate!

Thanks for being such a loyal and committed member. You are one inspirational Fit Yummy Mummy!

I am so proud of you!!!

~ Holly

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OMGoodness, March 3, 2009
By Samantha S - See all my comments    
Wow Kelli,

You look fantastic... omgoodness you've done so well. What a true inspiration you are to everyone! Thank you for sharing you're beautiful transformation story with us.

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