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I feel energized, powerful, and more confident than I have in the past few years. I am not just getting my body back; I am getting my life back."

Yvette's Thoughtful Advice about The Scale "I don't want to know what the scale (I refer to it as the "Bastard Betrayer") says - because I know now that the number on it is not a true reflection of me - of my health, my well being, or even of my size. AND definitely not my value! ~ It cannot tell you how I have sweated, cried out, and pushed myself to DO IT! for every superset, interval, and activity. ~ It certainly can't tell you how I have the energy to laugh and play with my little boy. How I finally got on the dirt bike with my husband and started learning the sport that is his passion and our livelihood - but fear of looking ridiculous and fat and out of place (thinking others would like, "What is she doing on that bike? Who is she kidding? She doesn't belong here.") NO. ~ It cannot tell you how I finally had the courage to go into the shop and pick out a cute outfit to ride in! (Thanks to Ginger and my husband for their encouragement and threats.) ~ And it can't tell you how much happier and grateful and calm I am. How even I have become. No energy ups and downs, mood swings, and sugar crashes. Nope. I'm free!!!! I did measure myself a week ago and discovered that I had lost SIX inches of my baby belly!!! I lost an inch and a half on each thigh. The rest came out to just a quarter inch or half inch here or there.

I don't look pregnant anymore with my flabby baby belly getting much smaller! (So no more "Oh! You're already working on #2, I see!" followed by embarassment and awkwardness.) It is still pretty far from being the flat six-pack I want but it's on it's way. I can wear my cute shirt my husband bought me for an incentive. I even got to buy a couple of workout outfits in L (and one M pair of shorts!) NOT XL. Wow!!! Yay! I've come to realize that my fear of failure was one of the most damaging attitudes I had. Adopting a "No Excuses" policy has made a HUGE difference in keeping me on track on keeping my commitment to myself and my FYM community. If I have a mini-failure I don't throw in the towel and write off the entire day. Or week. Or month. Or year! Nope, now it's just one thing and I move on and do what Holly said - the next decision has to be the one that will make me most proud of the next day. Usually, the thing that trips me up is a failure to plan. The flip side of that is that planning well is usually a big key to a great day, a solid workout, and supportive eating. Now, I plan on reaching my goals and more. Maybe in 12 weeks. Maybe not. But I KNOW I will get there. For the first time, I really do know it. THAT feels amazing!" ~ Yvette
Yvette, Your results are nothing short of amazing! Thank you for sharing your inspirational success story with us! ~ Holly