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I am a busy mom. I have 3 kids, I work outside the home, I have pets, a home to maintain, umm, I don't have time for much more than 15 minutes a day.

Some days, even seeking out that 15 minutes is a challenge, but I need it and I DO IT ANYWAY. I started seeing results after my first week!

I started off with the Introductory Workouts for Weeks 1-4, and should add, did them wrong! I went A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 then repeated the cycle 2 more times.

After the coaching call, I started week 5 with Beginner Workers, doing them the right way and I love it! The new exercises are more challenging, it's easier for me to complete to sets (I can remember the 2 exercises, no running back to the book to see what's next!)

I feel like I've seen a real boost in my muscles this week.

Someone asked me specifically what I am doing in addition to 3 days of FYM to get such great results.

Once I stopped laughing, I wiped the tears from my eyes and wrote back that I actually follow the 6 day plan and that's it! I just want to make it perfectly clear that I'm following FYM to the letter and FYM works!

I do walk my dog here, but it's a pretty mellow walk. Sometimes we'll go on a weekend hike, but to me, these are normal occurrences, benefits of living a healthy life, the things I enjoy and don't take part in for the sake of working out. My body has responded so well to the training. Someone commented it's because I'm already thin, you can see the muscles better.

I think that is a fabulous point for everyone, especially if you're still carrying extra weight. Chances are, you are having the same results, you just might not see them yet.

If you are experiencing muscle awareness, you are toning up those muscles! If I had started Fit Yummy Mummy back in 2004, when I was 50+ pounds heavier, I would have the same muscles, but they wouldn't be as visible. Supportive eating, 15 minutes a day, not too big a price to pay. I'd be willing to do more than that, but I am soooo glad I don't have to!"


~~~~~~~ In Cory's post, The Secret of My Success she shares some essential keys to successful results....

"I truly believe that 95% of our weight issues are caused by what's going on in our heads, and that causes us to put things into our mouths that aren't nutritionally supportive. Can we over think it all and complicate it with my theory? Absolutely! But, if you merely "go on a diet" and only do an external fix, making only the food behave....where will you be in a year?

If you don't have issues, you'll be fine. If you're normal, you might start experiencing stress, and using food to cope. Surely you won't go right back into your old habits all at once. They will creep up on you slowly, just as the weight does.

This is one reason I lost and regained weight for years.

I was really good at making the food behave. I almost used the diet in the same way I was using the food before. As a tool to avoid dealing with things that caused me discomfort.

I'd become obsessed with my plan and it would take the focus of whatever stressful situation was bothering me. Be it right in front of my face, or something I'd been trying to work through, or rather, avoid dealing with for years. It wasn't working, because I didn't get the other key factor, I'd have to stick with the diet after I'd lost the weight.

(If you haven't read my prev. blog on this or don't know much about dieting, don't panic! You follow a diet forever, but in a modified, less restricted form.)

Even if I had grasped that concept back then, I don't know that I would have been able to stay on a food plan since I hadn't handled my "baggage". I've been in a leader position in one fashion or another for about 15 years now, and I think I've come across maybe 3 people who don't have "issues", they just needed nutritional education.

15 years and seriously, three, maybe five people who have had no understanding that fast food is not good for you; large portions make you gain weight, etc.. Most people have a pretty good grip on how things work. They might not know calorie counts, starchy veggies, deceptive foods that appear healthy, but they get the general concept of supportive nutrition.

People that lost weight and regained it came back because of 2 reasons, they treated the diet like a course of antibiotics (goal weight=party time=diets OVER) or life happened, they couldn't handle it and they went back to using food to cope.

To digress a little, I have met ONE, yes ONE person who had never been on a diet before in her life. It was the most refreshing experience! I always wanted to put her on display :-) I felt like I had found a lost tribe in the Amazons, a woman in America who'd never been on a diet!

Back on track, if the above describes you (having avoidance issues) try the book The Beck Diet Solution. It's not a diet, it is meant to be read with a plan like Fit Yummy Mummy.

Based on cognitive therapy, it will help you overcome issues that are holding you back so that FYM will be the last diet you are ever on and you stay a FYM forever. I've also gotten a lot of questions on exactly what I am doing. I follow the 6 day plan.

That's just what works best for me. I like having "cardio" one day and weights the next. I need to be moving a lot, pretty sure I am on the spectrum. I used to think I chose that because I like alternating my workouts, but the more I think about it, I chose the 6 day option because I have serious memory issues.

Even though I have been dieting forever, living healthy forever....if I don't do something on a daily basis, have a daily commitment, I will forget that I have a commitment! Does that make sense? (Or does that make me crazy?) Being fit, being healthy, it's so important to me, but I cannot even describe to you how easily distracted I am. It takes a great deal of energy for me to remain focused. My internal desires need external forces to keep them in check.

I need FYM, I'd be so lost, so flabby without it! I hope this all makes sense. I am certainly no authority on anything but my own personal experience :-) And I'm happy to share that, no matter how vulnerable it makes me. Fit Yummy Mummy ABSOLUTELY works when you put the time into it!"

Wishing you the very best, Cory Beckman

Congratulations Cory! You are one successful Fit Yummy Mummy! ~ Holly