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If there is anyone out there who started the Summer Transformation Challenge but feels de-motivated because "this is just going to take FOREVER before I reach my goals", please read on! I know exactly how you feel.

Half way through the WTC (winter transformation challenge) I got very frustrated because I was working so hard, and I couldn't see any results. Looking back, I wish I hadn't been so worried.

Maybe I didn't reach all my goals by the end of the 1st challenge, but I think I did darn well, and I acquired excellent habits. Below are all the pictures I took so far: "before" WTC (28 feb), "after" WTC (28 May) and finally "before" STC (24 July).

I don't know what you think, but when I saw these, I thought "WOW, it looks like I have been doing a "between-challenges" challenge !

And the fact is: I thought I was on cruise control. Working out 3 times a week becomes such a habit that I barely notice it. It's like brushing my teeth: skipping it would feel too weird. The point I am trying to make it: maybe we are not all built to become bikini models in 12 weeks, but a challenge is not a race.

So what if I haven't reached all my goals yet: I know I am on the right path. And at the risk of sounding WAY too self congratulating, I am thrilled about what I have achieved so far.

I hope you will enjoy the Summer Transformation Challenge as much as I enjoyed the last challenge and build habits that last a lifetime! Best wishes to everyone, Marianne

PS: was my first bikini bottom unflattering or what??? AAARG, how could I wear THAT ? !!!!

PPS: in my most recent pictures, I look all red and flushed because my husband insisted on taking the pictures right after my workouts (what can I say, he has strange kinks... :-) ).

I guess I will have to glamour up for my "after" pictures !"

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