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Dearest Busy Mom,


Have you ever wondered why most of the weight loss programs on the market and maybe some on your bookshelf never work?


There are even some that work for a few *special people*, but never work for you?


Have you ever wondered why you have worked so hard to fit exercise in, try new diets ­ but you just couldn’t ever achieve the results you deserve?


Is looking the way you want to look and feeling the way you want to feel eluding you in spite of all your efforts?


You wonder why, try different programs, start new diets but never find the answer!


99.9% of the popular weight loss or programs are only dealing with the symptoms, NOT the true causes.


You can get a workout to follow from any fitness magazine each and every month. 


There are over 5000 diet books on Amazon alone.


The things that prevent most moms from getting back to their pre-baby body are something deeper and more fundamental.


If you want to FINALLY have a body that you love and start feeling great about yourself, you must address the things that are deeper than which exercises to perform or deciding between 4 or 5 meals per day.


So what is this key factor that not 1 in 100 program truly provide?


It’s your Personalized Success System.


Looking and feeling the way you want to look and feel starts with having a foundation that keeps you on track, provides motivation and accountability so that you can actually embrace a lifestyle that gives you the body that you want…and empowers you to keep it forever.


And that’s EXACTY what ClubFYM provides.


ClubFYM is the only Online, Private Support Community created just for Moms who are committed to looking and feeling their best and supporting other Moms who want to do the same.


ClubFYM combines the key success factors that so many other fitness programs totally miss:
Most programs ignore the fact that for 99% of people…especially busy moms…getting the body they want  and keeping it is too tough to do alone. We all need someone to pick us up and nudge us back on track  when we stray. 

The amazing Community of Club FYM does just that!


They make staying motivated and on track easy because they truly want you to succeed, unlike many of  the people that we encounter in other areas of our lives.


Plus, because this is a community of Moms, we share solutions to challenges that only we face and provide insight that is specific to us.
From holding several private Transformation Contests per year to motivate and inspire members to  providing new monthly workouts to keep your training program fresh and exciting, ClubFYM will give  you the motivation you need to finally reach your goals and make your results stick once and for all.
Club FYM uses everything from personal progress journals to personal connections with other  members that will care if you blow off a workout or fall off track to keep keep you accountable…and  ultimately any fitness program is only valuable if you stick to it.

Most training programs are developed by men, and while they may say they’re for us…they’re not. 

Only we understand the schedule and responsibilities we have.  Only we get the challenges we face  in taking care of ourselves while taking care of everyone else too. 


Because of that…it’s almost impossible to stick to a program that isn’t personally designed for us. So with that in mind, as a member of Club FYM, each and every month you’ll get a new program  that is specifically designed to fit into your busy lifestyle and you’ll have me and the entire ClubFYM  Community to help you overcome any challenges you come up against so that you can stay on track.


When you have these four key factors in place, supportive eating, fat burning workouts, and even the way you handle stress, all get much, much easier.

“How Lucky I Am To Now Count FYM As
A Huge Part Of My Support System”

“If I Had Not Found FYM 1½ Years Ago I
Really Don’t Think I’d Be Where I Am Today!”

“Because Of The Support I Get Here
I Have NEVER Given Up!”

“I Am Very Grateful To Be
A Member Of This Club!”

“FYM, The Just-About-Perfect
Support System!”

“FYM Has Changed My Life In So Many Ways
And I Am So Grateful That I Joined”

“WOW I Love This Place!!!”

“The FYM Community… I Can’t Even Begin
To Express All It’s Meant”



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Have all of your workout & nutrition questions answered personally by me, Holly!

Two brand new, fully detailed follow along workout videos with programming provided the 1st of every month.





Interact with hundreds of other like-minded ClubFYM Members and get the motivation and support you need to succeed.
Learn exactly how to perform every exercise you will need to do to achieve the body that you want.
Log your workouts & meal plans for instant feedback.
Members only articles on fitness, nutrition, motivation, mindset and success stories.
5 times per year you’ll have the opportunity to participate in Private Transformation Challenges to not only get focused and motivated, but to also win prizes for Results!



Are you ready to be next and start enjoying all the benefits that Club FYM has to offer and become our next success story?


Then choose your membership and click the button below to get instant access right now.



Please Read 'Terms of Use' for complete membership details

Log in and access to everything you need to get an even better body back in a matter of weeks
with personalized coaching from Me and the support of all your FYM Friends!

I am excited to work with you!

Your Friend & Coach,

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